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Team Effectiveness


Our consulting services drive performance improvement at the group level via team effectiveness facilitation.



  • Conduct a diagnosis of team effectiveness via interviews and/or surveys.
  • Design a team effectiveness meeting based on the diagnostic results and consultation with team leadership.
  • Facilitate an interactive meeting focusing on team mission/vision, goal-setting, role clarity, stakeholder focus, norms/operating agreements, etc.
  • Document results of team effectiveness meeting and hold follow-up meetings as necessary to sustain team performance.



  • Goal clarity helps fine-tune the roles/responsibilities of team members.
  • Explicitly agreeing to norms helps improve meeting management and decision-making processes, and reduces conflict.
  • Teams work more efficiently, accomplish more, and drive greater overall fulfillment on the job.


Case Study
A small biotech and large pharmaceutical company were co-promoting a major product, but different cultures and team expectations were impeding progress. ADVANTIS Research & Consulting diagnosed the situation in an Alliance Effectiveness Survey; then designed/facilitated a series of team effectiveness meetings over a multiple year timeframe.


Result: The co-promoted product is now the leader in its therapeutic area and the team acknowledges that effective cross company teamwork drove much of that success.


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