Strategic Training Needs Assessment


A strategic training needs assessment identifies the critical skills required for training going forward and defines gaps in skill levels to determine where to invest training dollars.



  • Create a competency model that identifies the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for high performance based on current market requirements.
  • Conduct an assessment of current organizational skills against requirements.
  • Define a comprehensive analysis of training requirements going forward.



  • Validate training areas based on data-driven decisions.
  • Apply investments in training based on key skill requirements.
  • Align training with business imperatives.


Case Study
When a consumer products company launched a new sales force, they wanted to carefully target training to the skill areas that would lead to success. ADVANTIS Research & Consulting conducted a training needs assessment that served as the basis for creating a comprehensive curriculum.


Result: This organization's new sales force has been rated the best in the industry.


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