Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE)


To assist our clients in cost effectively growing sales, market share, and profits faster.
The SFE System identifies the critical success factors that, if made optimal, guarantee improved performance and allows our clients to focus their resources on the factors that really count.



The SFE System follows a five-step process:

  • Create, tailor or leverage a competency profile for your sales force (may involve observation of top performers, high tech focus groups, interviews, web-based questionnaires, etc.).
  • Measure the competencies which differentiate the best from all the rest (e.g., 360-degree feedback).
  • Link differentiating competencies to productivity (sales, market share, goal attainment, etc.).
  • Provide meaningful feedback at the:
    • Organizational level
    • Team or divisional level
    • Individual level
  • Create a focused road map: converting meaningful feedback into actionable knowledge for implementation. This may focus, refine, and impact:
    • Selection and hiring
    • Training
    • Coaching/counseling
    • Performance appraisal
    • Career development
    • Rewards and recognition
    • Other areas as appropriate



  • A Fortune 50 pharmaceutical company identified the critical success factors needing to be addressed to boost the annual sales of their "bottom half" sales representatives by 13% to 37%.
  • A Fortune 50 healthcare company used our process to isolate the specific factors that explained market share differences ranging from 5% to 21% amongst its sales representatives.
  • One high tech Fortune 50 company discovered the factors that enabled some sales representatives to double their sales. Increases in product sales ranged from 25% to 106% while driving a 77% increase in profit margin.
  • Another major pharmaceutical company's sales managers used our process to help increase their sales goal attainment by 3% to 35%.
  • A service company identified the factors to help increase its customer retention by 8%.
  • A major healthcare company used our process to save $750,000/year in direct costs and avoid $3.5 million in unnecessary expenditures.
  • A key manufacturer of heavy equipment achieved an ROI of 10:1 through the implementation of our process.
  • An international subsidiary of a US pharmaceutical company used our process to improve their image in their marketplace. That subsidiary was rated (by a third party market research firm) as the #1 company in terms of image in their country.


Case Study
When a Fortune 100 company wanted to standardize world-wide hiring, training, and performance management practices to improve sales force effectiveness, ADVANTIS Research & Consulting conducted global research to define and prioritize critical competencies for success. Prior to committing the vast resources to revise people practices worldwide, senior management wanted proof that developing these competencies would improve sales and marketshare. Our research validated the correlation between competency behavior and improved business results.


Result: This company's human resource systems worldwide are now focused on key competencies proven to drive success.


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