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New Pharmaceutical Product Launch


ADVANTIS Research & Consulting designs and implements training prior to, during, and immediately following a product launch to drive and sustain performance.



  • Conduct needs assessment research with training, marketing, and medical personnel to assure alignment in training approach.
  • Design pre-launch self-study learning so core knowledge can be covered prior to launch meeting.
  • Design and develop highly interactive workshops for launch meeting covering competitive selling, clinical selling, messaging, and overcoming objections.
  • Create certification challenges/role-plays to assure competence.
  • Conduct train-the-trainer so District Managers can run workshops successfully and consistently.
  • Design Post-launch training coaching tools and sustainability activities.



  • Maximize application and practice time during launch training due to knowledge pre-work.
  • Motivated sales force due to energetic and interactive launch meeting.
  • Consistent performance immediately at launch and sustained performance through coaching and reinforcement.


Case Study
When a major pharmaceutical company wanted to launch a new drug, they engaged ADVANTIS Research & Consulting to conduct a training needs assessment plus pre-launch; launch and post launch learning.


Result: The training that ADVANTIS Research & Consulting delivered helped drive key knowledge, core messaging, and confidence for the sales reps to successfully launch the product.


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