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New Pharmaceutical Product Launches


ADVANTIS Research & Consulting implements market research with pharmaceutical companies in the pre-clinical phase of new product development to ensure that market data and insights drive competitive positioning, branding, and Phase IV studies. We also provide launch training for representatives.



  • Conduct research with primary care physicians as gatekeepers of treatment and specialists as appropriate, regarding strengths and weaknesses of current diagnostic and treatment options.
  • Test draft launch labels with doctors to assess proper positioning in their current armamentarium.
  • Involve thought leaders in a multi-phased process to shape market acceptance.
  • Conduct patient-focused research to assess perceptions regarding current experiences with the disease state, treatment options, definitions of success, and entry points of treatment for treatment.
  • Conduct research with payors regarding their decision criteria for determining formulary levels.



  • Help shape product launch for full market penetration.
  • Employ competitive intelligence to guide product development.


Case Study
When a major pharmaceutical company wanted to launch a diabetes drug with a new mechanism of action, they engaged ADVANTIS Research & Consulting to conduct a multi-country study with patients, physicians, and payors to understand how this product would fit into this existing mature marketplace.


Result: The data and insights that ADVANTIS Research & Consulting delivered helped the organization to define positioning, core messaging, and strategies to prepare the market for rapid uptake.


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