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HR Systems


Our consulting services drive performance improvement at the organizational level by aligning HR systems such as selection, training, performance management, career pathing, etc.



  • As a follow-up to a research project, ADVANTIS ensures that findings get implemented via a facilitated action planning process.
  • As a stand alone consulting project, ADVANTIS will bring our considerable HR expertise to bear to evaluate and make recommendations to improve selection, training, performance management, career pathing, etc.



  • Improving the quality of hires by utilizing a consistent behaviorally based selection system.
  • Driving a consistent approach to HR practices by assuring that competencies are the foundation throughout.
  • Improving employee engagement by raising the quality and integration of HR systems.



Case Study
A large medical distributor wanted to clarify its career paths for multiple jobs within its sales and customer service functions. ADVANTIS Research & Consulting created consistent job descriptions for these positions, clearly documenting the education, experience, and competencies required to move from one level to the next.


Result: Employee satisfaction improved as expectations were clarified for moving up as well as across jobs in the organization.


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