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Facilitator Led and E-Learning


To equip individuals in key knowledge, skills, and abilities that will help improve their own effectiveness, and by extension, the performance of their teams and organizations.



  • Conduct a training needs assessment by reviewing existing materials, interviewing subject matter experts (SMEs), facilitating focus groups, and/or conducting surveys.
  • Design training which specifies behavioral learning objectives and training flow. We emphasize adult-learning principles and drive interactivity into all our programs.
  • Develop actual training, be it facilitated (Facilitator Guide, Participant Guide, Slides) or E-Learning (storyboards, scripts, video clips, tests, case studies, etc.).
  • Facilitate training, conduct train-the-trainer, and/or pilot E-Learning.



  • ADVANTIS has seen competency improvements from a wide variety of training we have developed including sales, leadership, customer service, teamwork, facilitation skills, change management, influence skills, conflict-resolution, and coaching.


Case Study
When a pharmaceutical company wanted it's first-line managers to be better at running meetings of all kinds (e.g., POA meetings, launch workshops, etc.), it turned to ADVANTIS Research & Consulting to create a facilitation skills training program.


Result: DMs felt more confident in preparing for meetings they had to run, and their sales reps reported more productive and efficient meetings!


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