Evaluation Research (Level IV)


Evaluation research is implemented to assess the impact of effectiveness of training and other organizational interventions. It can be used to:

  • Link training to outcome measures such as sales, marketshare, profit, or customer satisfaction.
  • Identify what changes are required to enhance effectiveness.
  • Position training as an investment by linking it to bottom-line results.



  • Quantify behavioral change through primary research (360-degree surveys, behavioral observations, etc.).
  • Collect appropriate productivity data.
  • Utilize advanced statistics to establish significant relationships between behavioral measures and productivity.



  • Identify the Return On Investment (ROI) of the training or other interventions for an organization.
  • Isolate the factors that have the most significant impact on business results.
  • Identify any competencies taught in training that do not have statistically significant impact on business results.
  • Improve future initiatives and reinforce the quantitative benefit of current training and other organizational initiatives.


Case Study
When a major computer firm was interested in its return on investment in training, ADVANTIS Research & Consulting conducted a Level IV evaluation study. The study isolated the specific skills training that had significant impact on business results.
Findings revealed that greater industry knowledge and superior interpersonal skills resulted in an average monthly increase of $23,276 sales and $6,000 margin per sales representative.


Result: Training was redesigned to focus on the skills most critical to market performance.


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