Employee Engagement Surveys


Employee Engagement research serves as a feedback tool for management, providing baseline and on-going measures of employee perceptions. The ADVANTIS Research & Consulting approach:

  • Ensures that the organization meets its commitment to cultivate a work environment in which people and performance flourish.
  • Tracks key aspects of employee perceptions that impact key business measures.
  • Determines how well employees understand and support the mission and strategies of the company.



  • Design custom surveys to address high-priority issues such as work environment and resources, quality of coaching and development, turnover, customer focus, and clarity of mission.
  • Conduct research using multiple methodologies:
    • Questionnaires (web-based and hard copy)
    • Focus groups
    • Telephone
  • Deliver user-friendly reports with comparison to norms.



  • Track key measures that impact business results.
  • Provide a basis for timely management action planning.



Case Study
When a leading publisher decided to conduct an organization-wide employee engagement survey, ADVANTIS Research & Consulting was retained to design the survey, establish a baseline and provide yearly comparisons.


Result: We created a targeted survey that focused on those aspects of employee perceptions most likely to impact business performance. Our deliverables included: design, data collection, reporting, analysis and consulting on feedback, and action planning.


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