Marketplace Research



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Customer Satisfaction


Systematic customer satisfaction is one of the single most important predictors of customer retention.



  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research using different methodologies, such as focus groups, interviews, and quantitative data collection.
  • Identify customers' needs and requirements for quality and satisfaction.
  • Analyze and interpret data.
  • Monitor critical customer satisfaction issues and provide measurement of performance improvement.



  • Identify competitive information to help drive business decisions by separating value from price.
  • Convert information into knowledge.
  • Define what value means to your key customers and how well your organization is delivering against these criteria.
  • Gain insight on what customers are experiencing in their interactions with key suppliers by using a systematic approach to measure satisfaction levels.


Case Study
When a large financial services company decided to survey their client base after a recent merger, they engaged ADVANTIS Research & Consulting to measure baseline customer satisfaction. The survey process was also implemented to test past survey findings across former client bases from the two previously separate companies.


Result: We identified strengths and weaknesses within the new merged entity organization, and uncovered customer satisfaction levels and client expectations in their relationships with the company. Our client used the information and insights to understand the marketplace better and improve decision making for marketing and strategic planning.


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