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Our consulting services drive performance improvement at the individual level via 1:1 coaching.



  • Establish rapport and fit in an initial no cost 1:1 meeting between an ADVANTIS coach and client leader.
  • Conduct an initial assessment of needs either via informal dialog and/or utilizing formal assessment tools.
  • Conduct weekly, bi-weekly or monthly hour long meetings (phone or in-person depending on location), typically over a 6 month timeframe.
  • After 6 months, a mutual agreement is made as to whether to continue the engagement or if enough progress has been made.



  • Safe, third-party consultation to share concerns and challenges on the job.
  • "Stress-testing" outlet for creative/risky ideas, or sensitive challenges related to team and/or people management.
  • Objective feedback helps drive personal improvement on the job.


Case Study
A Brand Leader who had received low scores on a company-wide 360 degree feedback tool sought help to improve his people management skills. An ADVANTIS Research & Consulting coach worked on a 6-month engagement, discussing challenges, stress-testing ideas, and providing feedback in bi-weekly calls.


Result: The Brand Leader became more confident in his abilities, and avoided turnover of two key people on his team, who are now major contributors. The team leader has subsequently been promoted.


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