Best Practices Research



  • Determine best practices in world-class companies in areas of specific interest to our clients.
  • Provide a benchmark for comparison.
  • Provide timely case studies that can be used for action planning.
  • Identify key tactics/implementation methods that contributed to success.



  • Conduct in-depth secondary literature search using online and dedicated methods.
  • Implement primary research with exemplars. We conduct interviews with subject-matter experts to obtain first-hand knowledge of best practices.



  • Provide perspective to guide management action.
  • Leverage lessons learned.
  • Answer specific questions of interest to our clients.
  • Provide insight and perspective for change efforts.


Case Study
When a major oil company embarked on a strategic operational excellence initiative, they turned to ADVANTIS Research & Consulting to benchmark other major oil companies in the areas of operational excellence, HSE, knowledge management, and learning networks.


Result: ADVANTIS Research & Consulting conducted extensive secondary and primary research within 8 weeks to answer client's questions. The analysis was used to guide the development of strategic operational excellence initiatives at the client's organization.


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